Expungement Overview

Expungement Expansion Opens Opportunity For Many In Ohio.

Ohio's new expungement statute, effective September 28, 2012, provides relief for tens of thousands of individuals that were ineligible prior to the new law.

The high point of the new law enables Ohioans who have one felony conviction and one misdemeanor conviction or two misdemeanor convictions to petition the court to (expunged), that is, to judicially and formerly remove the record of conviction from the court, state and local databases.

One of the effects of the statute is that after the expungement is recorded in the court's Journal, a person may indicate on a job application that he/she has no convictions! (See Ohio revised code 2953.33.)

Even if you pled guilty to more than one felony, but it was in the same indictment, plea hearing or the crimes are considered related acts that occurred within three months, there is a provision to have that considered as one felony for purposes of the expungement statute.

Henry Kevin and I have represented many individuals under the old law and are looking forward to helping many more under the new statute. Please share this informational letter with your family and friends. An expungement of convictions is a surefire way to improve a resume.

If you have any questions please contact me at your earliest convenience. This new statute will help thousands of Ohioans.


Very truly yours,

William T. McGinty

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